Doodle Gentry is a home-grown branding and multimedia design boutique of concepts. We are multi-passionate and listen well to the nuances of each individual and what you value deeply.  Let us bring your ideas and your mission to life...and broaden your reach.


To produce meaningfully expressive and aesthetic branding products that are tailor made to all that you or your business represents. Designs and concepts that illustrate, celebrate and honor your brand, your personality, and your mission.  

We specialize in a mix of multimedia design products such as Logos, Digital Art, and Videos that viscerally and visually elevate the viewer's state of mind.  

We believe that Authenticity is the keystone of good design.  So let's take a journey together to let the world know the uniqueness of you.

Founder of Doodle Gentry

As Founder of Doodle Gentry,  Rossie Uranga is not only a graphic designer, but 
all around creative force.  With a history in the performing and film arts, she is a unique storyteller with unparalleled wit and observation.  Her background in music as singer and songwriter affords her the special blend required to see the forest, the trees and the melodic attunement of each element with grace and precision.

With a background in psychology she treats her clients as individuals with specific needs and 
strengths....She sees your company as the offspring of your dreams born of your hopes and vision. 
With uncanny intuition and well rounded observation she will set sail to guide you on the journey 
toward the only success to which you aspire.

With an ability to communicate and express your vision at so many levels, nothing short of impeccable is bound to happen on this journey.   With an eye for detail as well as the ability to anticipate and communicate effectively, your satisfaction is guaranteed.